Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sci fi giant almost done!!!

Been working on the painting of my Sci fi giant. he is coming out pretty good if I don't say so myself.  Just added the ammo belt that I made out of brown stuff putty and just few more touch ups and he's done. What do you think?

Reaper Bones

Tried painting one of the new Reaper Bones range of plastic figures.  Although the plastic is quite bendy he took the paint very well and after a coat of varnish he should have little trouble with paint chipping, and for the price you can't go wrong.  Of course this is one of the more sturdier of the Bones figures and  I would be interested in seeing how others feel about the range.

Flying Gladiators

Some Bronze age Gladiator inspired by "Spartacus" the TV show where gladiators leap and fly through the air with the greatest of ease. OK not realistic but pretty cool for a TV show.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WIP Heavy weapons Gaint

Started a new project of a heavy weapons giant trying to learn some sculpting.
I started with a Mage knight iron giant(which I had used before)  I really like his face.
Removed the Axe and reposition the arms adding a large Mini gun that I made out of bits of old toys/models and putty.
I added a back pack and a bottle cap for the ammo magazine and then started to fill in areas with putty.

Moving along with putty fill ins and sculpting. Hair was added along with shirt/pants/belts and boots. Upper arms were added along with an optical targeting device. So far I am please with the folds in the clothing and the way the hair came out. Bit more tweaking and then I have to make an ammo belt then onto painting

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cool car

So the other day I am driving down a road in my town and pulling up on my left was something familiar and cool, wish I had my camera
 Remember when I first saw the movie in the theater thought this was so cool and it was in real life too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

King Richards faire 2012 Bandits day out 2

Well I made it to the King Richards Faire once again, our annual Renaissance faire held in Carver Massachusetts. This year I took my sister her daughter(my niece) and her daughter(my great niece just turned 17) We all had a nice time although you would never know it from my great nieces face you know 17 always looks as thought she hates everything even when she is having a good time.

The faire itself has been around so long it is really starting to show a lot of wear not so much in infrastructure but in ideas. Most of the shows are getting lame and raunchy lots of gay jokes and innuendos(not so much kid/family friendly as they lead you to believe) even some of the shop worker say some pretty raunchy stuff. The Jousting would have been done better if Betty White was jousting (Hanlon-lee's action theater is getting fairly lame they need to take the action out of their name), although they had a female knight this year that was interesting. The commentary/acting at the joust was painful you got hardly any response from the crowd on our side. and it was just pretty boring overall.
The place is really over priced ($27 admission ) and that's all you get is admission almost everything else has an extra fee attached. Why do you think he is laughing(all the way to the bank) luckily there was a groupon offered this year for 4 adult admissions for $57

Can I recommend it... well yes I guessI have to because I keep going back(been open 31 years and I have been to most of them) but they do have lots of problems and I doubt they would care what people think.  The layout of the park has become a real problem on crowded days they have the food court (Canterbury kitchens) directly in the middle of the pathway around the the back of the faire. Does not look like much of a problem on the map but when you get lines stretching out like spokes in all directions it makes for a hard time getting around,plus the food is outrageously priced and not that great.
map of the realmI do have a good time though, I get to dress up which is always fun for me and as it seems for others too,seeing that I had people coming up to me all day for pictures. I even had a family in the car park ask to have a picture with their kids, they were so adorable 6 to 3 years old maybe, dressed in plastic armor and as princesses. All in all it was a good day but mostly because I was with family.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Katniss as Mockigjay conversion

I absolutely loved the Hunger games and Katniss Everdean, and yes I have become one of the fanatics.
For those who read the books Katniss becomes the Mockingjay in the 3rd book and I wanted to do a figure of her. Now its not exactly as she was described in the book but pretty close.

I used a Superhero figure from Reaper miniature, and re sculpted the hood and sleeves, added some armor plates to her stomach area, her signature hair braid and of course her Mockingjay pin. Just need to add a bow string and dull coat her and she is done.

More supers

Creating new super teams. I love the defender figure from "Crossover miniatures" and as always it had head options which again is a great part of these figures.  I went with the Cyclops type head just because I like the look,it also has a mask head and a cowl head to pick from  I chose red and blue scheme for him then found a few" Reaper" supers that I thought would look good in the color.  they still need a dull coat but I wanted to see how the gloss coat photographs.

Another "Crossover" mini will be joining the team.  Again head choice was up to me and I picked this one because I wanted the hair to be white and I like the big brows. I was going for an ice/cold based power for him and since I had painted him blue and white I thought he would fit into this team.

 As always Comment/criticisms are appreciated

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brotherhood of flame

Mixing up my superheroes some Reaper miniatures with some Crossover miniatures. Into the Brotherhood of Flame Not sure if they will be heroes or Villains

Sun Flare and the Fire master both from Reaper

Lava lad and Volcano from crossover

"Ember" another Reaper mini one of my favorites. I attempted to try flames for hair and fire reflection on the body, I think it came out ok at least for me.

I am using they Micro setting on my camera but still things are not coming out as sharp as Id like.  Any ingestion and or tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first Crossover Super figures

 Crossover, a relatively new company has some really nice figures if your into superheroes and Villains.  The figures are well sculpted and cast, with few easily removed mold lines, if any at all.
As of now they have 10 Super figures and a bunch of Goons(henchmen type) All of the figures come with 3 choices of heads which is a great idea and allows you to be somewhat creative.
 Above is "Miss Fortune" Villain/hero ?
 I like the red and black theme and the red at the top of her bodice forms the letter M.  the rest are yet unnamed but I am planing on a group of Cold theme super heroes like the one in white

This last one is an example of head swaps you can do, the body is from their "Defender" figure and the head is from the "Super Soldier" Figure.

I am very pleased with this line of figures and hope they will do well and produce many more.

WIP my sculpts

Update on the girls I have been sculpting.
I finish painting them, a little more work on the bases and a shot of dull coat and done
Comments appreciated

Next up in sculpting.
 I have been working on is from the "Fifth Element" and "Farscape"
A Stewardess and a Police officer and from "Farscape Rygel the 16th"
So far they are coming along OK for someone self taught.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some new sculptings

Attempting to do some sculpting using some generic Bronze age girls for the base.  I then surfed the web for some ideas, I knew the first one I wanted to try to do was Ali Larters  character Clair Redfield from resident evil. I just really liked the look.

I also found a bunch of drawings that I liked, one steampunky the other a survivor type

For the steampunk girl I added a radio device to her hand and I am reworking the things in the front of the survivor, I am not happy with how they came out(I think the are suppose to be knives but not really sure)  I'm also think of placing a weapon in her hand.  Comment and suggestions always appreciate.
Sorry for the picture quality

Friday, July 20, 2012

behind the lines

Equipment check,  Towel, check, shower cap,  check, Soap on a rope, check ,back brush,check...even a Quar needs to keep clean.

 I wanted to do a few terrain pieces for a rear camp I figured on doing a shower, latrine, cook tent, and hospital tent, any comments or other ideas would be appreciated.

The Showers
 Fun first little vignette for my Quar camp, I used some corrugated plastic card and pipe,coffee stirrers, some paper towels soaked in white glue and some small chain.  Its a gravity feed shower using a rain barrel and pull chains,offering some bit ofcomfort to those Quar who in the rear  rinse, lather,repeat

My soon to be clean Ryfler, started out as Ehn'k'du a Quar barbarian(picture from Zombiesmiths web site)

I basically just covered him up with putty, for the Cap/towel, filed the sword down and added a brush head,removed the scabbard and bracelet, added some toes, and a  bar of soap to the neck chain. 
Time to get clean :)