Monday, March 24, 2008

My first figures of the first set of my Quars from Zombiesmith. First let me say these are one of the more original alien designs out there and are wonderful figures to paint, I absolutely love these little guys
. My wish was to go for a more drab uniform for my units, which I think I achieved even thought the pictures are not the best. I have chosen to paint whatever one I picked up out of my box of Quar first so there is not rhyme or reason in the order of things.
The 1st up are, A Ryfler, a Pik Pik messenger squirrel handler and one of my Mortar squads. They were all lots of fun to paint but the assembly was a bit of a bother. They are not all that hard to do but those skinny arms and heads are a pain in the neck. If you plan on doing some Quar in the future I would suggest drilling out the arm and neck area to enlarge the openings, I found this to be a great help when assembling the figures. One of the greatest things about these figures is that they come with all sorts of extra little bits each figure has a choice of heads and packs and other cool stuff to add on, so that you can make the same figure in many different ways. All in all the Quars are tops in my book. As always I hope you like them and feedback is welcome.


Ironworker said...

These guys look great! I don't think I've seen them in blue yet.

bandit86 said...

Ironworker: Thanks for your feedback it’s much appreciated. I had always liked the blue scheme for the skin tones it kind of makes them pop. I have also enjoyed your blog and work as well keep up the good work