Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Y Barwn Coch or The Red Baron

A few more WIP Quar. Here are two new Quar that I worked on last night. The first is Y Barwn Coch, (or The Red Baron if my Translator worked) I still don’t have any fluff written about my Quar yet but I love this figure so I bought 2.
I thought this figure really lent itself to a tribute figure of the famous WWI Ace. The second figure (no name as of yet) is my Quar commander and is not a tribute but I did steal the uniform from a less than popular German Ace. (But no politics here) I just thought the uniform style went nicely with the sculpting. Anyways, once again they where a lot of fun to paint up (thou my painting skill and eye sight are not as good as they once were. Painting now is for fun not awards).
I can always see the mistake and little specs of dust and so after I take the pictures but I thought I’d post them anyways and I’ll fix them up tonight. Zombiesmith has really hit the mark with the Quar and I hope they keep them coming. Thanks for looking , hope you like them.

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