Monday, July 14, 2008

W.I.P, My 1st Quar house, Trash to treasure.

This particular Quars house is was not built on and into Termite mound but is a simple structure made in the Adobe style. The front door leads into a living area with a hatch access to the roof. The side door leads into a food preparation section and then into the living area. The sleeping areas and several other rooms are located below, carved into the ground and offering a cool place for my Quar sleep.

I started with a piece of recycled (my Quars are going green) packing material from something I had bought years ago for the main structure (I have trouble tossing stuff out).

I then carved out holes for the windows and used recycled contact lens cases for the smoked bubble glass (see what I mean about tossing stuff out). The Mud type window frames, door knobs and rope pull on the hatch were added with 2 part epoxy putty. The doors, hatch and smoke stack were made from Plastic card, wood hobby sticks and wire window screen mesh for you guest it, the Door window screen. The whole thing was then sprayed black and several coats of various grays were dry brushed on.

Still to be added will be a base and a fenced yard out back and some plant life around the structure. The rope pull, door knobs also have to be painted. This was a fun little project to do for almost no cost and little time. Now I am looking to find more such packing for more houses and other project ideas. So take a look around you never know what you might find in your trash.

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