Monday, December 22, 2008

I just received my KKBB figure and really like them. Most will be painted as is but I bought an extra set of KGB men (because I really like them) and another set of Future wars corporate babes 2. As you can see from this picture I started to rework a few and you can see what I added with the brown stuff.
I think that 3 of the girls in the set suite themselves to the KKBB world very nicely. The one with the fur trim was done from a fashion picture from the 60s I found on Google the other 2 I just added an appropriate 60s style hat.
The bald guy I really did not do much to but he is going to be a evil agent named iron head when he is done (a Character from a Matt Helm movie) The guy in the turtleneck will be the man himself Matt Helm (well a cross between the Dean Martin helm and the book Helm) I just added a bit of slicked back hair on him. The 3rd agent is undercover in East Germany I just love that jacket and I thought the cap would add a nice touch as well as the satchel. All are still just WIP at this time.

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