Saturday, February 7, 2009

A few vehicles to supply the Quars at the front. WIP

1st up is my supply truck loaded with all sorts of goodies. The model started out as an old toy but is easily rework into a nice little piece

Next are a water tractor and a flatbed truck ready to rush much needed supply’s forward. These are also toys from the same line al the vehicles have minor additions or changes made to them

And finally my explorers vehicle ready to take any explore over the rugged roads in search of adventure


Gamernut said...

What scale?

bandit86 said...

Not sure about a real scale seeing that these are toys, but that being said they fit well with
25/28mm figures As you can see I will be useing these for my Quar figures from Zombiesmith. as soo as they are done I'll post a picture with some figures.

Mave182 said...

What range are the vehicles from?
I don't recognise them.