Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zombie hunters

Next a few survivors and zombie fighters. 1st is a Griffin miniature fire fighter, Coppelstone agent, and a West Wind golfer. I had reworked the golf bag to make it a bit more realistic, it’s really awful the way it came. The photo also gives you a bit of a comparison look; I think they look pretty good together. Next would be the guy with the a Bat also from West Wind and two kids from a clix game (?) they came as one piece so I had to saw them apart then fill in with some putty and sand down and then a repaint. I t was not hard to do and there are some nice clix base figure out there and they are cheap. Next are the Cops the two males are West Wind and the female is from Griffin. The West winds are not bad figures but not great either I just wish they put more effort into getting the police equipment right. Check out the review on He does some nice reviews. I had liked the female cop from Griffin at first I though her gun was malformed but then I realized she is in the process of pulling back the slide on the weapon I thought that was a nice touch. Lastly is my Baseball guy again but next to him is a Thugz Figure of a girl with her baby, I love this figure! It is beautifully sculpted and well proportioned. I think the baby came out nice even though it’s a bit cabbage patchy, but it still looks like a baby. Oppps sorry the pictures are out of order :)

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