Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Foray Into the world of 15mm Sci fi begins with GZG figures. I picked up a bunch of packs from GZG recently because I thought they looked really nicely sculpted for 15mm (?) (Plus I liked firefly and the space traders looked great)

The figures overall are really nice and the service from GZG was fantastic. I have done a bunch so far so more pictures will be up soon, these I did in the last few hours at work.

The first is a not Wall-E figure which I just thought was co cool and even though its suppose to be 15mm it would look fine next to a 28mm figure too.

The second group is my crew of the Chinese trader ship (Insert Chinese trader ship name here I have not come up with one yet) I am hoping that GZG will do some more figure with the neck yoke uniform. The girl/guy with box and guy with gun had the burgundy shoulder /neck parts painted on the others were sculpted on, it just made for a nice cohesive crew uniform look.

A few Space suits and Power suits (from Battlestation miniatures)

All in all I am very pleased with these and they are fun to paint, and I can highly recommend GZG 15mm for those interest.


Eli Arndt said...

Curious as to why you chose Chinese for your starship crew? I too have a Chinese-themed sci-fi force.


bandit86 said...

No real reason, Just after I start to paint them they had a Chinese feel to them and more likely I was eating Chinese food at the time.
I was not going to get into 15mm but I really like these sculpts and after painting a few I am now hooked and just bought some more and a few vehicles.

bandit86 said...

Oh thanks for the nice comments too.