Monday, May 9, 2011

Trash Bash 2011 contest

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woooo hoo

1 Speed stick container (extra cap and end piece)

2 Wheels and base from a hot wheels car kit.

3 Plastic kit bash parts from my bit box and cockpit footpads etc... from an old robot kit

4 Putty and tubes.

“Old Number four is acting up again for the third time thismonth! Send G’wible , G’wible will fixit.” “Me again why is it always me who gets old number four”, The Quar shrugged. “She is way out on the range and Zablan is one dam hot planet, Ohwell, it’s a job”

The Quar put on his cooling suit, helmet, and environment packand armed himself with a blaster “those dam venomous Spinks might be lurkingaround, can never be too careful , one bite form them and old number four won’tbe the only thing in need of repairs” he said as he slapped the cartridge into the weapon.

He dropped the ramp door down and clamored up into good oldD7. D7 was one of the more reliable DROFmotors B86 Road utility surface buggies. Tough, powerful and reliable, that what she is. G’wible hoped into the cockpit started her upand looked out thought the front green tinted viewport. “Ok old girl back out to Old number four and let’s see if we can get her fixed”. D7s engine roared up and she rolled out of the base onto the shifting sand and into the hot Zalban sunlight.

The B86 DROF motors Road utility surface buggy, great in all environments, High towing capacity good cargo space, fully contain interior living space with numerous cup holder. A Giggs a Strotum power plant gives her plenty of power when it counts.

When you think tough, think DROF tough

Much thanks to Roebeasts Magical house of sunshine for hosting the contest

the Judges and all the other contestants it was a fun contest and project.


Inso said...

Excellent use of unusual bits...and it is good to see that you are keeping true to the unwritten law of..."Deodorant bottles are great for scratch building vehicles" ...I'm sure you remember the Anti-Grav craft that was in the Rogue Trader rulebook.

Well done on the win...but even better, you now have a cool vehicle to grace the table top as a bi-product!

Great stuff.

bandit86 said...

Thanks Inso. I had always like the shape of that and the detail on the side, this gave me a chance to use it. It was used with my future Quar but I can see a bunch of Grymns piling out of it :)