Sunday, June 19, 2011

WIP Armoured Siege Tower

I saw this picture online and thought it would make a cool project.
Some slight changes were made to fit the materials I was using, but I am trying to stay pretty close to the concept drawing.

I started out with a few electrical boxes as the core of the structure, then covered it with plastic card. I used Pegasus (?) Chemical plant parts for piping and railings and some old toy parts as well.

The Gun turret was made with plastic tubing and an old fire alarm housing.
The first track was made with old toy parts but they just did not seem beefy enough so I made my own using old caps from water bottles and other caps along with a plastic card strips. it came out Ok now I just need to make 3 more.

The next step will be the top big gun and decking, just trying to figure out the configuration.

More to follow.


Lord Siwoc said...

Oh daaaamn!!! That looks impressive!

philp said...

Did you ever finish this?

I have also wanted to build this since I saw the pic. Haven't decided if I want to try it in 72nd scale or 35th though leaning towards the 2nd as would be more impressive on the contest tables.