Tuesday, July 26, 2011

15mm Sci fi Winter outpost crew

On a recent posting on Dropship horizon they asked what 15mm you would like to see, my respond was some crew in winter gear. The only ones I have found so far were from GZG and should be on their way across the pond and into my clutches soon. In the mean time I took some figure from my GZG collection did a few head swaps and pushed some putty and made my own(about 40 so far). 1st is Professor H. Vanderbilt Smith and his daughter Mindy. A few of the female staff (with Svetlana the head of base security) a few of the male staff and a few troopers with MA-01(Max) one of the base androids. More to come and I hope you like them.


James said...

Nice work. They look like production models. Perhaps you could sell the sculpts to GZG? :)

My only quibble is the black bases make the figures look like they're standing in tires. I would paint them white or grey myself.

Ben Lee said...

Great job! I've found putty conversions are not only achievable in 15mm, but fun too.