Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Post Apocalyptic goodies

Second LAM Ruin raider, excellent figure with minimal clean up and crisp detail. Very happy with this purchase, although I would not mind some without gas masks. I want to put some detailing on the base as soon a my second order come in from "secret weapon" another good company to deal with.

My second PA vehicle (Fist electrical) I made this from a Die cast US Postal truck that I had picked up from CVS for around $5. I made a rack for the top out of plastic rod and loaded it up with bits from my bit box. Paper clips were used for the welded on window bars and an old plastic sprue was used for the cow catcher in the front. A really good buy For $5.


MIK said...

Great work all around, that figure is a great sculpt (and a good paint job too). Having converted a good deal of post-apoc cars in the past, I can solidly say your postal truck conversion takes the cake!

Inso said...

Excellent job on the van! Really looks the part.

Zerloon said...

I Really, really, really (and with that I mean a LOT) like the van!

Superb conversion.

bandit86 said...

Thanks for all the nice comments :)