Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zombie hunters

2 of Reapers' Zombie hunter and a Zombie Hunter from Zombiesmith
The Zombiesmiths figure was reworked a bit and I added a Shotgun to him. I based him on the character of James from the game The Outbreak (still looking for figures for the rest of the cast) Its a fun little choose your own adventure live action game you can find on the web and is worth a few minutes to play.
The second two are from Reaper The one with the Guitar was painted as is and I really enjoyed trying to get the guitar right(I think I did) the other one I swapped out a handgun for the rolling case he was dragging behind him. i just wanted him to have a bit more firepower.

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Gnotta' said...

Excellent work, I like your interpretation of the survivor type of guys... Lovely work on the guitar, really outstanding!!