Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And More...

The Noxi a Prisoner sentenced to the arena for some crime or another armed with a short sword and buckler. West wind gladiator figure.
Normally would not have stood much of a chance but his odd's have gone up slightly due to the fact that he is pitted against an Andabata Gladiator who fought blind. Bronze age gladiator figure with a head swaped and replaced with some putty sculpted into an Andabata helmet. The helmet has a few air holes at the bottom but nothing for the eyes...still he is skilled an armed better that the unarmored Noxi

Marco...polo... Who will be victor?
Two of the same Secutor gladiators from bronze age with head swaps with heads from the others in the set. The high plume was made from putty. I really like the set from bronze age miniature they are nicely sculpted and animated.

My last two are slaves on auction, one displaying herself for the buyers and the other in ragged cloths and chains waiting her turn. What will happen to them are they to be household slaves or be sent to train as galdiatrixes?
Both figures are Bronze age miniature generic female figures and sculpting putty

Apologies for the photos.

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