Sunday, July 15, 2012

new stuff and wip

Well it’s been a while since I have posted anything, so I figured I better do something.  I have been working on a bunch of 15mm stuff but nothing done yet. And I am still working on my Quarworld

First up is my Caravan Master.  I started and finished him a while ago but never posted the final picture so here he is.  The Master himself (kind of inspired by the late artist Mobeus), along with the saddle and most of the baggage were made with bits of extra Quar, putty and metal rings. 

 He leads the caravan through the deserts of Kryst, smoking his hookah and riding atop a large beasty that started out as a Bantha from the Star Wars universe. I cut off the tusken raider atop and the horns, then removed the mouth. I added the saddle rig re sculpted the fur on the face and added the eyes and tusks to give it more of an elephant look.   

Next, yet more caravan beasty’s on the horizon.  A pretty simple conversion so far, starting out with an inexpensive toy Rhinoceros with his horns and ears clipped off and a boney face plate and rounded horns, saddle and blanket roll added with putty. any suggestion on a color scheme?

The Faerf and Sothwyr armored vehicle are resin castings from Zomiesmiths’ Quar line.  The upper body of both casting were well detailed but the underside of both has major air bubbles that left large holes.  The Faerf  I filled in with putty and re scultped the saddle straps that were now gone.  The Sothwyr I think I will leave as is and paint it up as if it ran over a landmine(making lemonade out of lemons) I am going to try to do a desert pink (SAS, LRDP) style paint job on this and see how it comes out. 
Almost finished with my armored car I built for the Quar adding a bit of baggage to the rear (some baggage,bread fuel and a barrel of water (?) or maybe something else.


Simon Quinton said...

Great stuff, lovely converted extras

Unknown said...

Really nice Quar models. I'm sorry to see those big air bubbles in the bottom of the resin models. I like the idea if the pink SAS LRDG colour scheme. I look forward to more photos.

Unknown said...

Lots of little bubbles and loss of detail towards the bottom end of the Sothwyr I'm working on. A couple of bigger bubbles. Going to need to rescuplt the bottles around the rear steering wheel. The rest of the fixing is less a pain.