Monday, July 15, 2013

"Just passing through" (New dragon Brelath the cave dweller)

Brelath passed through the caves tunnels, it was time for another meal.  He would go out to the woods looking for some easy prey, a few deer would do nicely.  They were fairly plentiful this time of year and they did not fight back as much as his last meal had done, "stupid dwarfs" he thought, "what did they think was going to happen, trying to steal my treasure."  Approaching the cave entrance he thought "hmmm I'll leave a warning here maybe  this will stop them from bothering me" Now off to get some food.

Brelath is a cave dwelling fire breather who is rumored to have a large treasure horde, woe to those who try to find out.  As most dragons go and for one of his size Brelath would just like to be left alone more than fight, but fighting is not a problem for him either.  When he came across the dwaven thieves try to steal what is his,  they claimed that they were just passing through...then the crossbow bolts and spears flew at him. Well passed through they did and are now to be a warning for others.

Brelath started out as a Safari ltd toy dragon, a three headed fire dragon.  A few snips and some green stuff, a lick of paint and Brelath was born.The base is a wood disk with texture paste and cork pieces for the rocks. The small gift Brelath has left behind is texture putty and some plastic skeleton bits.  I really like working with these toys they paint up well and are really inexpensive.

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Anonymous said...

That really looks cool. Especially like the base you made for it.