Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Camp Counselors for Camp Grizzly

Finished the rest of the gang from Camp Grizzly.  Josh, Karen and CJ

Tracey, Sherry and Kevin

"What was that noise?  I'll go check"   OHHHH NOOOOO

Sherry did you hear something, sounded like Kevin,  "Give me the flashlight I'll go check"  OHHH NOOOOOOO

"I'm not a ditsy blond  Give me that ax and you go check".

"Cool a Groovy bat I should be OK with this"  OHHH NOOOOOOO

"This camp sure gone crazy"

"feet don't fail me now"

Knock, knock

"We got him now"     OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job mate. Where are all the girls from? I recognise them but cannot for the life of me remember where from!

pulpcitizen said...

Great stuff. They all look fantastic. :)

bandit86 said...

Thanks guys
Simon they are from a kickstarter game called Camp Grizzly by Ameritrash games

Unknown said...

Really great job, you cuted off metal stand then use a file to adjust the base ? Then use some glu ?

bandit86 said...

Thanks Pierre! No I left the bases on, glued them down and use Vallejo paste as my ground work right over the metal base. The plastic bases have an indentation which make it easy.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your answers, you used this type of bases ?

bandit86 said...

Yes those are the type I use.
along with this type of paste