Friday, August 21, 2015

WIP frostgrave warbands

One of a few new boxes of toys

Some frostgrave warrior and towns people. ( 9 of the 10 are made from the same Reaper Rioter figure that I have been using) In this group is a leader in the sallet (my favorite type of helmet) Archer,crossbow man Ax man with torch the start of a buxom female soldier and a Bill man (get it billman hahahaha I crack myself up) along with a hapless soldier caught in qicksnow.  The rest of the group  is my Falconer  and inn keeper carrying a roasted pig platter and a barman with the libations to go with it.

All made from the guy in the back

As are these

And him :)


Michael Awdry said...

Fabulous conversions.

Unknown said...

Nice job! The guy coming out of the ground is fantastic!

Phil said...

Looking nice, very nice!