Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mountain Giant

 Converted a toy Hulk figure into a Hulking Mountain Giant.

Took this toy for $5 and made a Giant
Using some Green putty,copper BBs, jewelry chain,a shield and a barrel

New D&D figure for comparison.  Hope you like it


Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely superb! What a great idea and conversion.

pulpcitizen said...

That is fantastic. Even seeing the two models side by side there is no giveaway for its origins. Great stuff indeed. :)

Unknown said...

A very nice conversion.

It was only when I looked the two models in the face that I made the connection that they were one and the same.. And even then it took me more than a moment to twig.

Really well done!

John Shaw said...

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Glasgow Warhog said...

That worked well. Nice twist on the Hulk. Glasgow Warhog