Saturday, February 23, 2008

I think I need a lighting kit

Ok well some of the pictures are ok but I think I need a lighting kit and some dull coat. Right now I am just fooling around with the camera learning how to use it.
So these are some more test shots of my Grymn troopers, Grymn APC, 2 Power armor Trooper, a Big,mean and tough as nails Ogrymn and a Converted Star Wars pre-painted Talsoian Droid that I have made into a Grymn Walker.
The walker was re painted in my Grymn color scheme and a Cockpit was added with some sheet styrene and other than that it’s as is. I thought it was is a pretty cool figure and worked well with my Grymns. The droid is also dirt cheap on E-bay. Enjoy.

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