Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quar Cavalry

Quar Cavalry WIP

Here are the 1st 2 of my Quar cavalry unit. I based the uniforms on a light French cavalry unit picture that I saw from WWI. French blue coats with white piping and red pants.
When painting that Cadier (horse type creature) I wanted to do something a bit different (seeing that Zombiesmith went with a very strange looking beastie). I started with various shades of red then added some striping (based loosely on some African animals) the stripping was done with chocolate brown, ivory and a white highlight. They still need a few touch ups and to be dull coated.
I also have not chosen a unit yet so I have not added a flag, but something to continue my Royalist contingent will be in the works.
4 more to paint, along with all the rest, then I am picking up a second set and making a lancer unit. Hope you like them, more to follow…

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