Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Quar WIP

1st up is a Quar heavy mortar.

“Behind the safety of sandbags and trench walls my intrepid 1117st1st Heavy mortarquar takes up his position readying to lob a shell out of the trench and into the hated crusaders across noquars land”.

I took a Quar ryfler that was waiting to be painted, removed his bogen and the accessories that I had already attached. I reworked the arms a bit so that he was posed to be loading a shell. The shell, left hand, knife, back pack and Mortar were bits from GW that I picked up on eBay. The Skull and wing motif were carved off which is very easily done and then put together as is. The right hand was drilled out and the shell was cut from the hand that was attached to it and place in the Quars hand (if I do another like this I will skip this part and just use it with the hand as I did with the left hand) A new base was enlarged from a round lipped base so that it would fit. And that’s about it (now to paint it)

My 2nd WIP is my Special ops trooper.

“Out of the oily black smoke comes a new weapon of war the dreaded Flame Thrower”

I started with a Quar Lt machine gunner in the firing position, added a suitable head with Goggles and snout protection. Then Back to the GW bit box for the weapon itself.
I sanded down the barrel of the gun and replaced the tip with the front piece of a GW flame thrower as well as added the GW tanks to his back. The hose was made from flexible tubing that comes in toy packages used to hold the toy in its box.
Using some brown putty I started to resculpt the skull and cross bones on the flame throwers tanks to be more Quar skull like and I widen the eye sockets with a drill. The Flame itself is from the new line of cinema effects from Armorcast (these are absolutely cool little items to pick up)
And presto another cool looking figure that was really easy to convert.


Vinu said...

well well well...

Anonymous said...

I wanna see this painted up!