Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Continuing on with my Sculpting attempts, here is my Retiarius (minus the net) Gladiator. He still needs some work but it’s coming along. I have just started to use the brown putty with the green putty, trying to experiment with the different types and what’s good for what. Comments welcomed.

Here is my finished”Jenny the Farmers Daughter” My fierce sweet down on the farm, girl next door Zombie hunter. The sculpting figure is from Bronze Age miniatures but I sculpted the clothing, boots, and hat. Watch out Zombies she gots that big ol Chainsaw from Paw’s barn and been a slashing up Zombies all over the town YIKESSSSS!!
That's all for now. Thanks for looking.


John Price said...

Nice looking sculpts. I especially like the saw being one of the longer, thinner type that a girl could more easily handle.

The pics look to be a bit overexposed, though. You might want to dial your camera's EV back a click or two if you have the option.

bandit86 said...

Thanks John. I really do have to learn how to use this camera better. And to make things a bit clearer, I did not do the chainsaw that is from a company call (it's a really nice piece)
I did add the handle to it to make it fit the figure.