Sunday, February 13, 2011

Theockoles the Shadow of Death

Theockoles the Shadow of Death

This is my rendition of Theockoles the Shadow of Death from Starz Channels Spartacus

Made using a Bronze Age game generic figure, 2 swords, and some brown stuff putty for sculpting that I used for the boots, greaves, arm bands, skirt belt and hair. I always like this character in the show, although he did not last long which is too bad because he was pretty cool.

The figure itself is actually to small next to other Bronze age figures, Theockoles was suppose to be like 8 feet tall. But I used what I had on hand. The tattoo is free hand and with my eyesight I think it came out fairly good.

The other three figures are also Bronze Age generic figures that have been reworked but are still WIP at this time. More to come

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