Tuesday, May 13, 2014

liebster awards par 2

 1. If you could be an actor/actress and star in a movie of your choice(like me in Casablanca) who would you be and in what movie?
2.If you could have lunch with 3 fictional charterers from the movie s who would the be a why?
3 What is your favorite part of war gaming/hobby
4.Whats your feeling on crowd-funding and have you?
5.What are you Favorite TV show past and present(future for time travellers)
6.Do you consider yourself a Nerd/Geek/etc...
7. What is your favorite figure that you have or want?
8.Who is your favorite figure sculptor ?
9.Going off a question that I was asked and using a movie Quote" Zombies man, they creep me out" Do they creep you out? (extra credit for the Movie name)
10.What is your biggest fear?
11.What gives you the most joy?

 Here are the rules: As I understand

  •   Answer 11 truths about yourself.
  •  Answer 11 questions posed by person who nominated you 
  • Then nominate a further 11 blogs
  • You must link back to the person who nominated you
  • You must go to their blogs and notify the nominees
Not a great fan of chain letter type things but  Play along if you like, and if not it's ok




Michael Awdry said...

Oh good Lord, that is incredibly kind of you to nominate me - I think! I'm not sure if I'll have the time to put a post together, but thank you nonetheless.

Simon Quinton said...

Thanks mate very kind but I did two last week in one post.


bandit86 said...

Well I figured most would not :) chain letter and all but it is a good why for people to find your site