Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Liebster Award

Ok so Inso Nominated me for this so here it goes

My 11 truths

1. I use to be a COP now I am a civilian in Law enforcement.
2. The next step I take can be my last.
3. I have my mother (89) living with me and I take good care of her
4. I want to get a dog
5. I have a fear of Math.
6. I am trying to get better at sculpting figures but but i am just so so at this time
7. I like to cook but I am as good at that as I am in my sculpting, something’s work something’s don’t.  But I make a mean fluffanutter sandwich.
8. My last girlfriend destroyed my heart ,left me after 17years…done with women that’s why I want a dog 
9 I am spiritual but not religious.
10. I believe that that GOD and American forefather would be turning over in their graves to see how some try to twist the meaning of their Ideas. And I believe in equality for all.
11. I like Musical theater.

Question that were posed to me.

1.  Why did you decide that wargaming was for you?
 I really did not get into War gaming as gaming.  I hardly every actually play a game but I always loved toy soldiers and I love to paint figures. So that’s the part of it that I am into.

2.  If you had to team up with a super hero, who would it be and what powers would you have to complement their abilities? 
Superman I can hide behind him when the shooting starts.  And I kind of like telekinetic s

3.  What do you think is the cutest film creature (from a sci-fi/fantasy setting) and why?
The only thing I can think of right at this second are Tribbles There are cute fuzzy and I am sure there is away to spay or neuter them J

4.  If you were sentenced to death by firing squad, who would you want staked out next to you and why?
 Putin and Kim Jong Uhg or whatever (they are going to start and 3rd world war ) and with Superman in front of me…Fire away

5.  Zombies? In one sentence, explain why a rotten, animated corpse seems to be the coolest thing on the wargaming scene since... ever. 
Cannibalism scares me, Walking dead people frightens me, and the  thought of having to whack someone you knew in the head to stop them from eating you is awful.  And I like the survival aspect.

6.  If you had unlimited surplus cash and had to choose a single wargaming army, what would it be and for which rules/game?
 I guess I would like some more Quar  even though I have an army already and I still have a bunch of Grymns to do but I am more of a one off figure painter rather than armies...but let go Roman

7.  If you lost everything apart from the clothes you are standing in... what would be the very first thing (after food/drink) that you would choose to obtain and why?
 A phone to call for help,  Unless you’re talking Zombie/apocalyptic type loss then It would be a gun(I am American) I need to defend myself and find shelter and more food(and a hot chick…with her own gun)

8.  What is your favorite pet? 
A dog

9.  You are standing next to the director of a film that you really didn't like and were able to replace him in the director's chair. Which film would you choose to improve?
 There are lots to improve many that could take a remaking but just off the top of my head I will say Sharknado.  The first frame of the film I would say CUT!! That’s a wrap let get out of here and save the lives of so many.

10.  What do you think is the best wargaming genre and why?
  I am into Post-apocalyptic /Sci fi and Old West at the moment

11.  Who would you choose to write your epitaph and why?
 My niece (because she loves me, would say true things and mean them)


Inso said...

Good stuff :)

I'm glad you took the time to play :).

Simon Quinton said...

Great set of answers :D

styx said...

Love the answers!