Monday, July 20, 2015

Looky what we found.

Two new Treasure hunters for frostgrave
Once again using the same Reaper figure for the conversion I have made two lucky treasure hunters for my Frostgrave warband

On the left, (Reinheart) I trimmed off the boot wrappings and added two new arms and a weapon from my bit box.  A new cowl and cloak were made from two part putty. The head and treasure chest, also from my bit box are from GW bits I picked up on Ebay.  On the right (Sven), the same body was used with the fur boots and cowl made from putty and textured with sculpting tools.  The sword,arms and head were GW bits in the old bit box, I did however clip off the Horns on the helmet but kept the prince Leia look

Whats, in the box, whats in the box?

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