Sunday, May 5, 2013

There be more Dragons

for some reason I have gotten on a dragon kick, maybe its due to the Dwarven forge kickstarter. Anyways here are a few more conversions that I have done 1st up is my Cave Dragon. He (or she) started out as a safari land toy dragon with 3 heads. once I removed the head and neck(such a dragon slayer)I reposition the neck that I wanted and added the head I wanted, I was going for a looking around for a thief look to him. I toned down the color with some inks and repainted the head and back crest and underside I am very happy with how he came out.

Next is the might Black Dragon. he started out as an Ice dragon with clear wings and blue purple and with coloring.  I began once again with lopping of the head and replacing it with one of the leftover heads from the Cave Dragon. I painted him with black all over then a dry brush of black gray and a blue highlights for the expose skin and chest armor. he comes with a detachable flame.

These Safari land toys are great and fairly inexpensive for the size of them and with a bit of work you can change them up as I did. At home now I have a Ice dragon and Hydra which have great paint jobs already so I wont be touching them and a green dragon and water dragon that are getting some touch ups


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on these they are really nicely done. I wish I had the room to store such lovely big miniatures as these. Alas when I get a mancave perhaps I shall!

bandit86 said...

Thanks, Know what you mean. I am waiting for October when my Dwarven forge dungeon shows up where the heck I'll put it heaven knows