Monday, May 27, 2013

My ode to Smuag

 Some giant black pearls (and gold nuggets) spill out of a treasure horn
 An unfortunate fighter learned to late that taking a dragons treasure is not that easy.

 As goes the knight so too his mount was as unfortunate.
more treasure


Simon Quinton said...

Excellent! The Gallant Knight was annoying alas his horse was lunch!

Rob Bresnen said...

I like that. Did you make the base or buy it?

bandit86 said...

Thanks guys! It's cool re-working toys.
Rob< the base was made by me.
It's a wooden disk bought at A C Moores covered in Vallejo paste,then painted in various gold tones. The paste grains then become gold coins or nuggets, the treasure horn was also bought there and is a craft bead type item. The other treasure item are made from putty and the barrel is from a toy giant that I re-worked a while ago. The poor unfortunate treasure seeker are plastic skeletons from GW